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SHIFTING PARADIGMS is an annual conference held at the University of Aberdeen that highlights current challenges in economics and the possible plurality of approaches. In 2019 we will continue with this aim and develop a forum for economic discourse.

2018 we welcomed 

13 speakers and over 100 participants to our beautiful Aberdeen campus.

Rarely one perspective on an issue is sufficient to come close to the concept of “truth”. Rarely, one person’s viewpoint equals another ones. We want to take this approach and use it to understand economics better and introduce creative solutions to current problems. We are convinced, that scholarship must be informed by a variety of perspectives, practical insights and academic schools of thought.  

In this light, Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG) organizes SHIFTING PARADIGMS to create an intricate network of discussions, new theories and open academic thought to present alternative approaches to current issues.


We invite you to join us for our three-day conference to let the ideas in your head be turned around and discover novel perspectives on issues you have been discussing with friends at home or have always questioned for yourself.


This year’s focus lies on well-being, achieving sustainable global growth, and overcoming economic crises - three topics with the potential to be the major determinants for our future. Have a closer look at our topics here.


We are excited to be welcoming speakers and students from all over the UK and Europe for

SHIFTING PARADIGMS 2019: Developing an Economy that works

How do we ensure well-being, achieve sustainable global growth, and overcome economic crises?

November 8-10, 2019 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Please take a look around our website! More information on our speakers, programme, and more will be added soon. For now, scroll down to read more about APEG and the last conferences.

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